Proper Way To Install Water Heater Expansion Tank

Proper Way To Install Water Heater Expansion Tank

Proper Way To Install Water Heater Expansion Tank. If you think the water pressure on faucets is too high, you can drain the water already in them. Join me today as i bring a water heater up to code and show you how to install a thermal expansion tank!

Proper Way To Install Water Heater Expansion TankProper Way To Install Water Heater Expansion Tank
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However, there are a few exceptions. How to install water heater expansion tank step 1: If a tankless water heater is being used in conjunction with a tank water heater or a recirculating system that utilizes a storage.

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If A Tankless Water Heater Is Being Used In Conjunction With A Tank Water Heater Or A Recirculating System That Utilizes A Storage.

According to the 2018 international plumbing code (ipc) section 608.3, tankless water heaters do not require a thermal expansion tank when no water storage device is used. It is recommended to install a thermal expansion tank on the cold water line, horizontally and close to the water heater. This will connect to the water heater flex line you removed earlier in step #1.

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As the first step, you have to turn off the water heater and disconnect the plug. If i install the expansion tank vertically, i would have to extend the cold water supply a few feet on the ceiling, and then drop it straight down and back to the water heater. Reconnect the water supply line to the short.

If You Think The Water Pressure On Faucets Is Too High, You Can Drain The Water Already In Them.

Bring out expansion tank and accessories. Determine the size of your thermal expansion tank. Look for an expansion tank that will suit your unit.

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We also suggest turning off the supply to your house. Put plumber's tape or pipe joint compound around the threads of a short nipple (approximately 2”) for the top of the tee. Do you have a tank like this mounted somewhere above your water heater?

Join Me Today As I Bring A Water Heater Up To Code And Show You How To Install A Thermal Expansion Tank!

Turn off the water supply to your water heater. Remove the trapped air by opening the hot water tap. Pour into it one liter of water having a temperature of + 4°c (39.2°f), and then proceed to heating.

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