How To Install Wood Stove Pipe Through Metal Roof

How To Install Wood Stove Pipe Through Metal Roof

How To Install Wood Stove Pipe Through Metal Roof. How to flash a chimney on a corrugated. You will need to cut the opening to the roof to extend the chimney pipe.

How To Install Wood Stove Pipe Through Metal RoofHow To Install Wood Stove Pipe Through Metal Roof
How To Install Wood Stove Pipe Thru Wall Best Stove Photos from

Using a screwdriver, drive stainless steel screws through the flashing to fix it onto the roof. Cut at least ½ inches deep and large enough to accommodate the thickness of your chimney pipe. Attach your wood stove pipe to the top (or side), middle and bottom sections of your venting system, using sheet metal screws.

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Cut At Least ½ Inches Deep And Large Enough To Accommodate The Thickness Of Your Chimney Pipe.

Ended up cutting the hole about 4. Now take the flashing and place it on top of the hole you made. I debated about installing it all over or under the roofing.

This Type Of Stove Pipe Can Be Kept As Near As 6” To Flammable Surfaces.

You can then attach your storm collar and rain cap to finish off. Next, you can head out to the roof of your shed. Slide it all the way over the chimney pipe hole.

Steps To Install Wood Stove Pipe:

Subscribe, like, + share if you enjoyed this video!amazon. Locate the flashing’s upper edge under the roofing paper and the roof. Apply forward pressure on the crimper as you squeeze its handles together.

That Is Fine With Shingles But Not Metal.

Chimney boot for metal roof, metal plastic asphalt shingle roof repair roof and look at the chimney pipe not need any roofing fasteners accessories and pipes on your roof repair roof jointsdue to seal it was. Search amazon forhigh temp silicone chimney boot Saw to cut the plywood for your chimney collar.

Use A Combination Blade To Make Holes In Your Roof As Well As Plywood With Your Jigsaw In This Step.

Move the flashing down a few inches and draw a line with a pencil where the top of the edge is. The instructions mentioned installing the top half of the flashing under the roofing and the lower half above the roofing. When conditions are right, the negative pressure and natural draw of the stovepipe causes the hot smoky air to rise through the pipe and out the chimney.

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